The Nearly New Thrift Shop opened almost 50 years ago through the hard work and dedication of a group of women of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Nassau Bay, Texas.  Their mission was to raise funds for deserving charities.

Today, we continue that mission with a faithful 100% volunteer staff and our loyal, generous donors and consignors.  The Shop's charitable support has included:  St. Vincent's House, The Bridge, Habitat for Humanity, Brigid's Hope, schools throughout the local and Houston community, hurricane relief, Meals on Wheels, partners in the community, and many others in need.

General Guidelines 

1. Total of 10 items can be consigned on any one day we accept consignments - Tuesday or Friday.

2.  All clothing must be brought into Shop on hangers. Please transfer clothing from your hanger to a Shop hanger. 

3.  We would appreciate your taking your hangers with you. 

4.  Any other consignment items should be placed  in one of the Shop white clothes basket. 

5..  Complete consignment tag - "CONSIGNMENT" needs to be on tag, otherwise items will be considered a donation.

  • Date items are brought into Shop
  • Consignor name
  • Consignor phone number "CONSIGNMENT" needs to be on tag, otherwise bag will be considered a donation.  Attach tag to clothing and/or basket using clip clothes pins provided at Shop.

6.  Volunteers will be available to assist



                          ITEMS WE DO NOT TAKE

Baby clothing (we can pass along to our partners in the community if you bring them into the Shop)

Bridal gowns

Stuffed animals^


Obsolete electronic equipment

Computer monitors or printers

Fax machines

Used linens, bedding, towels, facecloths or pillows^

Medical equipment^

Sports equipment

Large tools

^ Texas Department of Health Services prohibits consignments and resale of these products


Consignments are only accepted during "Consignment Hours."  Consignors are paid 50% of the amount received for the sale of consigned items, and the remaining 50% goes to The Nearly New Thrift Shop to benefit all of the charitable endeavors of the Shop in the community.  "Nearly New" defines the condition of items we accept for consignment.  Please read the general list of items WE DO NOT TAKE, Your Shop contract will provide specifics or call the Shop during business hours.

Temporary Shop Hours


NOTE: As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will continue to monitor the situation and be prepared to modify our approach as conditions warrant.  At all times, our decisions will be based on the latest available data and expertise from the Centers for Disease Control, Texas Department of Health and our own health and medical experts.here.

*On TUESDAY doors will be locked. Knock on door & volunteer will open door to accept items.paragraph here.

Please visit our website again for updates  or check us out on Facebook.


Tuesday*   11 am - 1 pm

Friday          11 am - 3 pm

* On TUESDAYS Shop doors will be locked.  Consignors and Donors will need to knock on the Shop front door and volunteer will come to the door to accept items.your paragraph here.


We ask our Consignors and Donors to please review the guidelines for consignment, donations, items we do not accept and seasonal deadlines.  Updates will continue to be posted on our website and Facebook page, as well as, anyone on our mailing list will receive updates by email.

Nearly New Thrift Shop

The Shop is currently offering a re-opening half price sale (select items may not be on sale).  Check with cashier or Shop signage for sale items.  Consignors are always welcome to pull their items.  Check Shop contract for details  on consignment split on your items that go on sale.  

Fall and winter clothes are now being accepted.  Due to the Shop being closed we will not be accepting the following items for consignment at this time but will accept them for donation:  summer items and Halloween and fall decor.  Christmas clothes, items and decorations will be accepted starting November 2.  Everything Christmas and holiday goes on sale December 1.  Again, Consignors feel free to come in and pull your Christmas items before the sale starts.

Wednesday    11 am - 3 pm

Thursday          1 pm - 5 pm

Friday             11 am - 3 pm

Saturday        11 am - 3 pm

Tuesday*        11 am - 1 pm- 1 pm

Wednesday    11 am - 3 pm

Thursday          1 pm - 5 pm

Friday              11 am - 3 pm

Saturday         11 am - 3 pmhere.

We continue with the Shop Covid guidelines that have been in place in order to provide a safe shopping experience.

      Masks are required to enter Shop                    Dressing rooms will be open              

       Hand sanitizer is provided at entrance             Public restrooms are not available at this time   

       Practice social distancing                                    Credit card are encouraged


Donations are accepted during regular Shop business hours.  We have very limited limited Shop space, if you are donating a large item, please call ahead of time.  All accepted donations are tax-deductible and we are happy to provide a tax receipt.  Volunteers are always available to assist.

General Guidelines

1.  You can donate three 13-gallon trash bags.

2.  Prefer clothing be brought in on hangers or folded in a 13-gallon trash bag.

3.  All other items must be placed in a 13-gallon (or smaller) trash bag.

Clothing & Shoes  - Fall/Winter clothing is now being accepted. No Summer after September 1.

1.  Check our website, Shop posting or Shop contract for when seasonal clothing will be accepted.

2.  Clothing must be in style, in season, clean and pressed.

3.  You may bring one pair of shoes, 1 purse, 1 belt, and/or 1 hat per consignment as part of your ten.


1.  Household items include china, pottery, kitchen items, metal goods, glassware, silver, decorative items, collectibles, home decor, and garden items - must be clean

2.  One lamp, or matching pair, one chandelier and one wired mirror per consignment


1.  We sell costume and fine jewelry including gemstones, gold, and sterling


1.  Wall art must be wired for hanging.

2.  Size limit 36” x 36”.

3.  Oversized items are accepted by appointment only on a space-available basis.  Call the Shop with dimensions before bringing in items.

Furniture & Rugs

1.  By appointment only.



18028 Nassau Bay Drive

Nassau Bay, TX  77058




Tuesday*, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday - 11 am to 3 pm

Thursday - 1pm to 5 pm


Tuesday* & Friday - 11 am to 1 pm 


Hoping that everyone will join us in enjoying these days with their family & friends.

Thanksgiving Week - November 21 to November 29, 2021

Christmas & New Years Week - December 19, 2021 to January 3, 2022